Anna Narday

Anna Narday

Anna Narday is the author and illustrator of the Clay and Katie series, as well as, the creative director for Toronto’s University Health Network. She is a self-taught fine artist and computer graphic designer. She has shown her work in New York and various galleries around Toronto. While experimenting with different mediums as well as style and technique, she found her true love and passion with abstract… is Clay, an abstraction, individually defined by each child.

Anna loves to visit schools for she believes arts and creativity are very important in the school system. Her relaxed presentation style puts classes at ease and encourages them to ask questions and contribute their own ideas. She explains how she writes her books, where and how she comes up with her ideas, and she shows them how a sketch becomes a storyboard and eventually an illustration in a book. Drawing is one of her passions, and she inspires and challenges students to find and pursue their passions – whatever they may be.

Clay was inspired when she was playfully interacting with her dog. The plaid pajamas she was wearing got torn and Anna proceeded to completely rip off the sleeve and wrap it around a ball. Clay was born. Clay’s nature was never truly defined. Anna likes to let the children define it, thus developing a personal relationship with him. The children give Clay a variety of personas: dog, cat, pig, spider, etc.

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