Hide and Seek App

Play Hide and Seek with Clay and Katie, and learn the alphabet while having fun! Best friends Clay and Katie are the playful, imagination inspiring characters from children’s book author and illustrator Anna Narday….more

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ABCs App

ABC’s for Kids is a beautifully hand drawn and painted game board which will mesmerize kids while they learn their ABC’s. The kids will giggle as they shake the board ….more

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Shake the States App

Do you know the exact placement of each state on a map of the USA? Touch and drag one of the 50 states to its proper position on the board and it will stick, but make a mistake, and watch the state tumble. ….more

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Snowball Math App
Snowball fights and penguins! This animated eBook takes the reader on a ride through 13 pages of penguin multiplication fun! This app will provide hours of enjoyment.  ….more
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