Snowball Math

ABC AppSnowball fights and penguins! This animated eBook takes the reader on a ride through 13 pages of penguin multiplication fun! This app will provide hours of enjoyment.

Snowball Math - Math Gigglers - Third Chicken Incorporated

Read to Me – Narration and music with auto turning pages.
Read Myself – Read at your own pace.

The artist, Dana Regan, writes about her inspiration behind Snowball Math: “I have two sons, Joe and Tommy, and I remember drilling them on their multiplication tables and it wasn’t much fun, until we made a game out of it. We would imagine crazy scenarios where you would need to multiply fast and then it just got silly. So that’s where the idea for Math Gigglers came from. Taking something that we all need to learn and making it fun.”

“I also like the idea of explaining multiplication in a story form so that younger kids can be introduced to the concept before they have to tackle it in school. It takes away the dread of, “Next year you have to memorize your multiplication tables”. Also, I am a firm believer in visual learning. I think you can understand and remember things when you have an image to associate with a fact.”

“I am a Swede, (maiden name Gustafson), born and raised in northern Wisconsin in the beautiful village of Lake Nebagamon. Population 1,869. Many of my books are based in winter. I love skiing, skating, sledding, snowman building and snowball fights. And fish sticks. And no, there are no penguins. I took creative license.”

Dana’s nephew, Will Regan, age 12 is the narrator. He lives across the street from Dana and happily agreed to narrate and give the penguins an authentic kid voice.

Dana earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Illustration from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, US.